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For you who are an entrepreneur and have employees:

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot to gain from healthy staff. You also have requirements to help employees with stress-related problems so they can return to a work environment that works for them.

Since fatigue syndrome is both a personal tragedy and a business disaster, it is important to think preventively. In other words , working preventively for healthier staff and a better working environment is very financially defensible.

I offer group activities and individual meetings to inspire staff to a healthier lifestyle. In addition, I tell you why and how the body reacts to stress and what can be done to reduce or manage stress.

I can visit the company for a lecture or hold a workshop where I tell about stress therapy in nature and how important it is with recovery and physical activity. Or do we meet out in nature and have the activity there and make it a nice kick off or team building?

My corporate events prioritize locally produced and have a sustainable mindset.

Contact me for a quote or other questions:

At the Swedish Work Environment Authority, you will find more information about stress-related problems that may be of interest to you who run companies and have employees.

Link: Work-related stress

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