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More about Mikael Andersson
Mikael Andersson Relaxation  and Stress educator with a focus on stress therapy in groups in nature. As well as a nature guide and course leader in outdoor knowledge.

Naturkraft Eskilstuna is run by Mikael Andersson.

I offer relaxation and stress therapy in nature for people with fatigue syndrome, fatigue depression, burnout or similar stress problems.

We meet in groups of about 4-8 people, or individually if desired. The meetings are designed according to the participants' physical ability.

Stress therapy and recovery in nature are also suitable for those who feel that time is not enough, or if you are a relative of a sick person and need to get strength. Participating in my activities can be a kind of restart before returning to work after a long period of sick leave.

I work preventively and with rehabilitation. Lots of studies and research strengthen my thesis that we feel good about being in the woods.

As a stress educator, I give you tools to be able to continue working with your stress on your own.

In nature, you can draw strength. Natural power.

You are also welcome to participate in one of the outdoor-oriented courses that I arrange.

Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to tell you more about the different Naturkraft packages I offer. I target both authorities, companies and individuals.

/ Mikael Andersson


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