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More about Mikael Andersson
Mikael Andersson Relaxation  and Stress educator with a focus on stress therapy in groups in nature. As well as a nature guide and course leader in outdoor knowledge.

A natural meeting place

Nature is a big part of my life and lately I have used the forest as a meeting place for various activities.

In 2017, I received the Eskilstuna Municipality's Environmental Award for, among other things, inspiring people to get out into nature. Link to the price:  Click here !
During these meetings, I have noticed that many people have lost the everyday connection to nature and that they feel very good about rediscovering it.
Nature makes no demands, other than that you have reasonably suitable clothes on. In nature you do not have to do anything, you can just be, but if you want to invent something, there is plenty to do.
I am a trained and certified Relaxation and Stress Educator with a cognitive focus. Which means I'll help you find your tools to understand and manage your stress.
  There is a lot of research that strengthens my view that we humans feel good about being in nature.
The combination of stress therapy and nature is a perfect combination that gives you a better opportunity for stress management and rehabilitation.

I also have extensive experience of nature and outdoor life and, among other things, work as a nature guide, course leader and trained groups in outdoor life knowledge, which guarantees that I can handle groups in nature in the best way.


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