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More about outdoor courses


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Join an outdoor course or a guided adventure.

Become a survivor in everyday life and in the wilderness. I tailor the activity / course to your wishes.

In 2017, I received the Eskilstuna Municipality's Environmental Award for inspiring and succeeding in getting people out into nature on various activities.
In order for even more people to go out on nature experiences, I arrange various courses, study circles, team building and tailor-made adventures.

The events can be from a few hours or a full day to several days with overnight stays. You can come by yourself or join a larger group.
The basic philosophy of my activities is that everyone should feel involved and everyone should have the opportunity to relax, to grow as an individual and hopefully gain new knowledge and be inspired to more activities out in our fantastic nature.

Expect that we often walk in unpaved terrain, handle knives / axes and are close to the fire. Children between  12 and 16 year olds should have an adult with them unless otherwise stated.


Some examples of courses and outdoor activities:
Survival knowledge
Navigate by nature and with a map and compass
Fire, with ancient methods
Cooking, with ancient methods
Safe ax and knife handling with counting technology
Weather and wind protection
Edible and otherwise suitable plants
Make ropes from natural materials
Equipment tips for outdoor life
Learn to sharpen the knife really sharp
Bushcraft basic course and advanced course
Photography course, with a focus on nature and / or people
Make your own equipment, for example tarp, backpack or knife (study circle)

Carve a spoon or cup

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