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Honey from Hedlandets nature reserve

Honey is truly the thunder of nature, full of energy and benefits and at the same time so incredibly good. The honey we sell has the bees made from nectar that they collected at Hedlandets fine nature reserve south of Eskilstuna.

The honey consists mostly of meadow and forest honey, but a little heather honey also occurs in the autumn.

The honey is produced according to the National Food Administration and the beekeepers 'association's recommendations, it is also tested and approved by the beekeepers' association.

Honey can advantageously replace most of the usual refined sugar in cooking, baking, dressing, etc. If you want to get the most out of everything useful in honey, do not heat it above 40 degrees.

The supply of honey varies because we are small-scale beekeepers and we only sell it in connection with various events that we arrange.

Our bees are allowed to keep some of the honey to live on during the winter.

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