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More about Mikael Andersson
Mikael Andersson Relaxation  and Stress educator with a focus on stress therapy in groups in nature. As well as a nature guide and course leader in outdoor knowledge.

What is stress therapy in nature and how does it work?

Nature has a very relaxing and stress-reducing effect on most of us. Nature can have a strengthening and in some cases healing effect. Therefore, nature is a good place to be when conducting stress therapy or stress pedagogy.


We meet on at least three occasions and during our meetings, which last for about two hours, we walk a short distance, do various relaxation exercises, talk and reflect. Weather permitting, I light a fire that we gather around.


The groups are a maximum of 4 participants, but it is of course possible to book individual meetings if you prefer. There is a strength in conducting stress therapy in groups and it is, among other things, that you can hear that others have similar problems, that you are not alone in feeling as you do. Social community is also good against isolation that can be a consequence of suffering from stress.


During our meetings, I give you tools that you can continue to use to reduce your stress, that is what is "stress pedagogy".

Company or individual

As a company or individual, you are welcome to participate in Stress Therapy in Nature. Look in the menu "Book online" and register  you or employees to an opportunity that suits you. Or contact me to book individual activities or if you have other wishes or questions.

The cost is deductible as wellness money.

If you are employed and have wellness money, my activities can be deducted as wellness. This means that you get back a large part of the cost.


As an employee, you also have the legal right to receive help at the workplace to reduce stress and meet your needs.


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